The aim of this brief was the creation of an full identity suit for the Educate Togethers brand new school in South County Dublin located in the Cherrywood development area being developed by Hines Interests Limited Partnership. The school required contemporary and effective identity design that reflected its philosophy and also appealed their broad community of stakeholders and create new audiences. An important part of the new identity was that it sat comfortably alongside the Educate Together brand identity.
The main inspiration for the design was the idea of children at play and how this play helps children make sense of the world around them. Most of the visual elements were derived from children’s puzzle or play blocks giving the design a modern, clean but also playful aesthetic
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Logo Concept
After deciding on the main concept of the logo revolving around play I started to research different types of play blocks and children’s puzzles these informed the general design of the logo.
I picked five main colours for the identity one representing each part of the logo but also tying into the five different wings of the schools structure, this was also intended to accommodate colour and pattern based wayfinding and also to give each part of the schools its own identity.
The colours were chosen for their vibrancy and contrast as each part of the logo was to be distinct and easily recognizable from every other piece.
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